d-na concepts

Use of Lighting

At D-NA consideration of lighting constitutes the most creative aspect of every project.
Lighting is the "director of our emotions" and a dominant element in the creation of a setting. In some cases, it is also a way of projecting and highlighting an object of interest.
Lighting is a sensation, while knowledge of lighting is knowledge of shadow management.
The key to ensuring cost effectiveness is to keep abreast of developments in lighting technologies.
An aggregated list of proposed lighting fixtures for purchase, provided by a lighting company, cannot be called contemplation of lighting.

In a residential project, the most fascinating and challenging aspect is that of the potential natural light scenarios, as they offer diversity of perspective within the very same space at each phase of the day and season of the year.
Natural light caresses the curves, highlights the borders and accents the texture of the materials.
The interplay between light and shadow defines the borders of time and function, and harmoniously hands over the space to artificial lighting.

IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) has acknowledged Nikos Adrianopoulos since April of 2004 as a professional (voting) member.