d-na concepts


Commercial space
In today's competitive market, the importance of a corporate identity which is neither founded upon imitation nor duplication is crucial.
Functional interior design, guaranteed by our wealth of experience, is achieved at low costs thanks to the diversity of materials we are able to utilize.
Lighting design is undertaken to create the optimum atmosphere and mood, as well as to best enhance the product's color and texture; lighting may even become the central focus of a space.
Expertise in lighting technology and use of LEDs, cold cathode tubes, fiber optics etc. offers virtually no maintenance costs at all and exceptionally low energy consumption.
Technical mastery in use of materials of any kind guarantees results in both straightforward and highly demanding projects.

When designing a living space, either for renovation purposes or, even more so, for a new build, two key-points must be considered:
Α) That of the aesthetics, whose objective is to create emotions and euphoria through the stimulation of one or more senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch).
Β) That of trouble-free functionality, which is linked to optimal utilization of natural resources, the use of environmentally friendly and user-friendly materials, and a heightened sense of ecological awareness.
For D-NA the degree of completeness of a study corresponds directly to the blending of the two elements described above.
The harmonious interplay between measures of volume, the proper manipulation of natural lighting and use of artificial lighting, orientation, and shading are all major concerns; but what is more pertinent than ever is the careful selection of materials that can withstand the test of time.